• December 6, 2021

6 Types of Visual Content You Need to Use in Your Marketing Campaigns

There are several types of visual contents available, and when you are choosing them for your marketing campaign, you need to be careful. The success of a content marketing campaign often depends on visuals content because great visuals do great marketing. It’s true for offline marketing and also true for digital marketing. Every day huge amount of visuals content have been created & you need to go through a hard competition to make your creation unique and stand alone. So you have to count on the visuals as well as the idea of the content itself.


You will be astonished to know that at least 65% people are visual learners. And 90% of information comes to our brain as visual information. Visuals content is also a good way to communicate with buyers and spread brand message. So for content marketing, your focus should be producing more visual content.


Now you may think which of the visual content you should focus on. Here are the six types of visual content you need to use in your marketing campaign.


6 types of visual content:

  • Memes
  • Screenshots
  • Images
  • Data visualizations & infographics
  • Presentations
  • Videos



The meme is the new craze of the internet now. It’s easy to produce and distribute. The term meme first introduced in 1976 by Richard Dawkins. He described me as an idea which can replicate different meanings. Nowadays memes are popularly known as images with humorous captions. Since meme gets attraction easily, so you can use it as your content marketing tool. If you want your brand to stand alone, then meme is the perfect visual content. You have to remember that meme will not be appropriate for all niche. If your target audience is the young generation, then meme will be the best visual content. It has the potential to spread fast on the internet.



The screenshot is now a necessary visual content to make your presentation perfect. Suppose you are writing a “how-to content” then using useful screenshots will make that article perfect. It makes a piece of writing more interesting, instructive & sometimes & sometimes attractive. The best feature of a screenshot is you can create it easily by just pressing the “Print Screen” button on your keyboard. A screenshot is a tool that backs up your idea or your claim. You can also give your audience an inside glimpse of your brand or work.



Images are the most common item of content and an obvious part of your marketing campaign. If you add a compelling image to your content, readers will love it to read. A study shows that article with image gets 94% more viewers than the article without content. Once the internet connection & images buffering time was significantly slower. Now with the massive update to the internet speed & shorter attention span, the image is a perfect form for your marketing campaign. It should be relevant and attractive. The downside of the image is, it takes a lot of time & resources to create a high-quality image content. The artistic representation is also time-consuming. You can take help from different online image provider websites.


Data visualization & infographics:

Any content with data from reliable sources guarantees the authenticity of the content. The reader loves these type of content with data. Lots of data sometimes become overwhelming. Here comes the data visualization & infographics. Table, charts, and graphs can make the overwhelming data interesting and easy to understand. Such data can provide strong relevancy with the content, and it’s easy to share online.


On the other hand, infographics are another important visual content. Infographics provide a clear insight into the content with relevant images. Infographics are good for the step-by-step guide and better understanding. A visual guide made with infographics can make content more interesting.



The presentation is a less familiar type of content that can work perfectly for your marketing campaign. When you have tried all the traditional channels and need something unorthodox, then this is the best bet. There are slide share platforms with massive traffic. People do search them and also read them regularly. Marketing agencies have seen these opportunities and using them as an extra source of traffic for websites. You can upload your presentation too. Presentation needs extra care when producing because it needs to be attractive and also information. People do read them so there shouldn’t be any grammatical error and spelling mistakes. Make something unique, and your presentation can be the presentation of the day and displayed on the landing page of SlideShare website.



With the massive views on Ronaldinho’s amazing skill on the youtube, videos become the main source of marketing campaigns. You won’t find a single person in the digital world who don’t browse once a day in the youtube or don’t see videos on his social accounts. With the rapid modernization, a mobile can be a perfect tool for creating viral videos. Famous stars also appear on their social and youtube page for product endorsement. These type of clips are now very common and attracts a massive audience. Careful placement of your brand can be the best marketing strategy you have ever done. Since both Google & youtube are under the same company, Google always prefers content with a youtube video link for ranking. It’s also easy to monetize youtube videos if you get enough subscribers. You don’t need a professional crew and industry standard studio, just pick your mobile and choose an interesting topic. It can be your product review or step-by-step video tutorial.


Apart from these, there are other forms of visual content you can use in your marketing campaigns. Among them, the potential source is the ebook. With the rapid expansion of Kindle reader, people do read a lot on this device. They also search for ebook and thus these ebook provider platforms become a new source of audiences. Ebooks are guided type long content in a pdf format. A reader will download it and then read it. Your ad on the page can be served as your marketing need. It needs a lot of effort to create an ebook.


The digital world is expanding at a rapid rate, and the source for marketing campaigns are also changing. Newer platforms are emerging. You need to stay updated with the change to grab all the possibilities.


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