• December 7, 2021

Augmented Reality & its Impact on Marketing

Augmented reality is the new trend of technology & often considered as a new tool for digital marketing. Often on the way to digitalization, we face new techs which show great potential. But it will take some time to change the world. It’s still in the phase where marketing specialist is talking about Augmented reality and its impact on marketing. If you still don’t know or want to learn more about it, here it is,

Augmented Reality:
Augmented reality or simply knew as AR is a digital technology that overlays information in video, image or text onto a real or physical object in real world. To view the AR world, a user needs a smartphone, tablet or smartphone. It’s the superimposition of data or object on real-time camera view over a live environment. It’s not new tech, but only recently it has started to show it’s potential towards marketing.

Augmented have provided the ability to transform a static object. Suppose you have printed an advertisement or magazine cover, with AR you can change it into immersive 3D experiences. This is where AR is different from Virtual Reality(VR). VR takes a user into a computer-generated world where AR enhance the real world using digital overlays.

How Augmented Reality Works?
Augmented Reality can be divided into two versions,
● Overlay AR or marker less AR
● 3D AR or marker-based AR

In Overlay AR, information is not linked to the physical world. Objects or digital data are triggered by an event or data input(e.g., GPS coordinate). Pokémon Go is the perfect example of Overlay AR where the user needs to find specific GPS coordinates. When they found it, it appears on the video of a smartphone camera. This data can be video, audio, numbers or any other things.

3D AR is an innovative technology invented by Kao Interactive. At 3D AR a digital object or model is placed into the camera view on the physical space. Normally these objects are scaled to fit over the physical world. It can be a small object that fits over the table or a large object on the floor but will in a relative dimension. They can be placed in a position without the help of any visual mark or cards. In this way, the object will remain in position even when the camera is moved to other direction. If you brought back the camera the object will be visible. Another essential feature of 3D AR is the object will be interactive. A user will be able to interact with the object and move it or spin it. It can be done while the object will remain as if in the physical position and proper dimension. A user can view the projected object from different angles.

Uses & benefits of Augmented Reality:
AR can be used in different ways to communicate with customers. Below I have shown some common uses of AR in the field of marketing,

AR can be an amazing way to provide additional information to customers. A customer or potential customer can explore the additional information by simply using his smartphone. It can be text-based information, 3d Object or tutorial type videos. Recently British Museum has paired with Samsung to give its visitors an AR experience in the museum. It will be a nice experience to learn more information about different objects.

Virtual experience:
AR is a good medium to let your customers explore your products while you will communicating with them. IKEA started an AR campaign where customers can view items from the catalog. The AR view let them check the furniture as if they were at customer’s home. The app also had options to adjust the size & dimension to offer a true view.

Creative packaging:
Packaging is one of the best way but also the least used way to communicate with customers. You can use AR to pass information and even tutorials about the product on the package. Starbucks recently used this as their valentine day marketing campaign. Customers need to download an app and then place it in the cup of coffee. The surface then brought to life using an AR.

Benefits of AR is simply outstanding. It has the potential to be the best tool to engage with your customers. Several brands have already used the creative presentation of AR to boost their brand awareness. Let’s look at the possible benefits of AR,

Increasing brand Awareness:
You can use AR to increase brand awareness and cultivate the wow factor to your customers. Creative presentation of AR will engage your customers and media to talk about your brand. Since the technology is relatively low, any AR campaign will give a novel experience to most of the customers. So creating mass brand awareness will be the most logical outcome of AR campaign.

Customer engagement:
A study showed that due to its creative presentation AR often has better dwell time than radio & TV ads. Traditional TV & radio ads have an average 2.5 secs dwell time where average AR have the dwell time of 75 secs!

Improved customer experience:
Introducing AR with into your existing marketing campaign will let your customers have the chance to experience your product more closely, and they will have a lot of information on their disposal. In this way, a customer will be able to take the buying decision easily and without hesitation.

Linking digital with the real world:
The best part of AR is the ability to link between digital and physical experience. AR provides convenience, and through AR you will be able to experience different products without even moving from your chair. Thorough AR a static object can be turned in to the most stunning object you have ever seen! A boring brochure can be an enjoyable digital experience

AR technology is still on it’s earlier days. There is also a competition between AR & VR. In 2018 the expected downloads of AR app will be 3.5 billion which shows it’s true potentials. Crazy Turtle Agency provides the most affordable and effective AR marketing campaigns to its customer. Our service starts with strategic planning to app development and marketing campaigns.

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