• December 7, 2021

The 10 Types of Content That Work Best for SEO

We all know the importance of content that works best for SEO. Good content that works best for SEO is the main tool for content marketing. Content marketing is a hype of today’s digital marketing trend. But before going any further to the topic, we should learn about what is content. It’s a simple word with a broad idea. Content can be writing, a video, a podcast or even a graphic. The broad idea of content is very difficult to portrait.


Content is a lot of things based on the context. The core of content is information, experiences & ideas. When you combine all these in a single frame, it becomes a content. Content is also independent means, you can write on anything in any forms. Yes, it can be harmful & a single content can spark many fires. For example, we can consider the graffiti works of a Syrian boy who drew his revolt against government via paintings. It sparked the Syrian war. So content should have appeal, and anything people likes become content. It can be a text, audio, video or a simple painting or graphic. It depends on the message. So it is not hard to find a content that works best for SEO. We need to create content that attracts the attention of the audience or keep the audience engaged with the content.


I heard this question several times about the most effective content. No one can answer which one is the most effective. We can guess the best answer based on the trend & the trend is changing rapidly. Right now the graphics content is very popular, and maybe tomorrow a viral video will be the most watched item. Who knows? So the best practice will be to learn all of them and then choose the most suitable one for your SEO.


Often the first thing of a content marketing is blog writing & most of the time it keep going. Website owner started to emphasize articles & blog posts one after another. It’s a wrong move. Yes, you should start the website with the blog & also use other forms of content. Below you will find seven types of content that work best for SEO.


7 Types of Content That Work Best for SEO

  • Infographics
  • Viral memes
  • Videos
  • lists
  • Product reviews
  • A how-to question
  • Ebook


Infographics are information wrapped up perfectly in graphics which will help you to give a wide range of knowledge to the visitors. The name infographics mean info & graphics. The most important feature of infographics is they are easy to share, like & read. Infographics are the game changer. If you can add some extra flavor to the information & design, then it will be unavoidable. Infographics get engagement & appeal easily. Without super content & appealing design, your infographics can be less engagement so don’t hesitate to hire professionals for this. Infographic is effective types of content that work best for SEO.


Viral Memes

The meme is not just content but also a form of entertainment. It keeps people engaged with the content as well as spread them for fun. It can be image, video or piece of text. The main intention of creating a meme is to create funny & hilarious atmosphere through it. It can also be a satire when used as a video or verbal expression. A meme can be spread like swine flu and can be a worldwide phenomenon. The most important features of the meme are they are easy to make and easy to attract attention. Most of the time memes are created on the theme of popular issues, so it’s also a suitable type of content that works best for SEO. You can easily create memes through Meme Generator & Quick Meme.



Endless varieties of videos are available on the internet & you can use them your content. You can also create your own with a great story or hidden message. Don’t hesitate about the video quality, so far most of the viral videos over the internet were captured by mobile phone. It can be a how-to video, office tour, special day celebration or product based content. Even moving pictures can be a great way to tell your message to become a content that works best for SEO.


Product reviews

Products reviews are the perfect type of content that attracts the attention of potential buyers and influence them to buy your product. It influences the decision of a buyer significantly. You can share information about the product, or it can be a simple review of the product and its specification. It should be based on the industries. Don’t pile words after words & try to add some videos or graphics to make it interesting to read.



Lists have endless appeal to the reader. We often find content that starts with “5 solutions.” or “7 type of content” which is also the topic of this piece. This type of content is perfect to create sales appeal, and there is no magic number to do it. So always use your comfort zone and create the list best of your expertise. It’s believed that long lists are better though there is no proven track record.


A how-to question

“How-to” is the most popular type of content over the internet nowadays. How-to-guide attracts a lot of traffic due to its importance. Most people use these type of content to use them in their daily life. It also has a great long tail search potential. These type of search also has the higher number of conversion rate. To create a how-to video, you need to identify the problem first and then create a step by step guide. Use video, chart seven diagrams for easy understanding. At the end of the video, you can also add your products advertisement.



Ebook is an often a long content with vast information created as a .pdf file. It’s downloadable content and often used to attract email subscribers. This type of content has chapter and lots of information on the topic. You need to make it attractive by adding colors, graphics and formatting it to make it interesting to the readers.


These are the popular and common type of content over the internet. It’s not constant, and it’s changing rapidly. A few years ago there is nothing called memes, and now it’s the most popular one. Create content based on your resources and time. The better the content is, the better the rate of traffic to your website. Don’t focus on any single type of content and keep changing.

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