• November 30, 2021

The Future of Digital Marketing

Every Marketing & Brand Fellow Should Read It

Since the inception of marketing, the brands and marketers have been facing constant challenges to bring out the perfect marketing solution as consumer behavior is changing at a rocket speed. To keep up with the pace of consumer mind, marketing industry have been using many tools to understand consumer behavior and trying to reach out the actual market. As a result, numerous marketing research have been conducted and marketers are adopting new tools in their bucket every year.

With the grace of World Wide Web the local & international market is now more open for any brands to grab any consumer segment they like. But it is very hard to keep track of millions of potential customers and understanding their behavior every day. In this particulars, only Facebook & Google based digital marketing is no longer enough for any brand to develop a sustainable brand. Therefore, the new generation of marketing professionals are profiling their target market by activating social listening tools and using Artificial Intelligence (AI) not only to distinguish their actual consumers from the whole market but also to keep track of their constantly changing purchase and decision making behavior.

To give the best digital marketing experience to our clients we have been providing AI and bot solutions tagged with website, social media & BTL activities, so that they can store and manage piles of their actual consumers’ data and easily find out what marketing approach they should make to boost their sales. However, we have also been creating an Augmented Reality app for one of our clients, expected to release on August 1st. This will be the most effective Augmented Reality app for a Bangladeshi brand, capable of understanding consumer behavior & give its customers real time shopping experience just like store even before visiting the store in person.

We believe it is time for every company to re-think their digital marketing approach as the new era of digital marketing can help them communicate with their target market like never before. In this case, if you are also re-thinking about developing a sustainable brand, Crazy Turtle is happy to help.

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